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  • Lista de mercado | Grupo Petroquímico Beta

    SITIO PRINCIPAL LISTA COMPLETA DE MERCADOS CEMENTO Ayudante de molienda Inclusor de aire Desinclusores de aire Mejoradores de Calidad (incrementadores de resistencia) CUIDADO PERSONAL & HOGAR Emolientes Solubilizantes Emulsificantes Humectantes Dispersantes Neutralizantes Agentes perlantes y opacificantes Espesantes METALMECÁNICAmetalmecánica Dispersantes de baja espuma Aceites lubricantes AGROQUÍMICA Humectantes Dispersantes Emulsificantes Penetrantes Adjuvantes PINTURAS & TINTAS Humectantes Modificador reológico Emulsificantes Solubilizantes Solvente Neutralizante TEXTILES Modificador de PH Dispersantes y Emulsificantes ADHESIVOS Solventes Humectantes HULE Desmoldantes Emulsificantes Para más información sobre el alcance de nuestros productos, puedes contactarnos aquí. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • | Grupo Petroquímico B

    MAPA DEL SITIO Sitio Principal Quiénes Somos Filosofía Corporativa Ventajas Competitivas Productos Maquila de Productos Mercados Planta CIDIT / Investigación Contacto

  • Certifications | Grupo Petroquimico Beta

    OUR PLANT MAIN SITE CERTIFICATIONS Under our Quality Management System we have the following certifications and product grades: ISO 9001 : 2015 GMPs (Cosmetic level.) Kosher REACH NF Grade GMPs Implementation in pharma level. ​ *For more information about our certifications, please contact us . © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • Market list | Grupo Petroquimico Beta

    MAIN SITE COMPLETE MARKET LIST For more information about the reach and capabilities of our products, please contact us . CEMENT Grinding aids Air-entraining agents Air-detraining admixtures Quality improvement (strength-enhancing admixtures) Air inclusors Defoamers / antifoaming agents Setting additives PERSONAL CARE & HOME Emollients Solubilizers Emulsifiers Humectants Dispersants Neutralizers Pearling and Opalescence agents Thickeners METAL WORKING Low foam dispersants Lub oils AGRO Humectants Dispersants Emulsifiers Penetrants Adjuvant PAINTINGS & INKS Humectants Rheology modifiers Emulsifiers Solubilizers Solvents Neutralizers TEXTILES PH Modifiers Dispersants and Emulsifiers ADHESIVES Solvents Humectants RUBBER Demolding agents Emulsifiers Humectants © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • CIDIT | Grupo Petroquimico Beta

    OUR PLANT MAIN SITE CENTER FOR RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION (CIDIT) The CIDIT is a fundamental piece of service to our clients since one of Beta's greatest strengths is the development of its own technology. At CIDIT we develop products tailored to the needs of our clients based on the following concepts: Technology development for new products. New product scale up to industrial level. Development of formulations for specific applications. Technical support to our clients. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • | Grupo Petroquímico B

    SITE MAP Main Site About Us Corporate Philosophy Competitive Advantage Products Conract Manufacturing Markets Our Plant CIDIT / Research Contact

  • Our plant | Grupo Petroquimico Beta

    MAIN SITE MAIN SITE OUR PLANT Located among the PEMEX sites producing ethylene oxide, Beta has a location that facilitates excellent logistics. Away from populated areas, the ethylene oxide transport does not put the population at risk. Supply of several raw materials by pipeline from PEMEX sites. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • Nuestra planta | Grupo Petroquímico Beta

    OUR PLANT SITIO PRINCIPAL NUESTRA PLANTA Ubicada entre los complejos de PEMEX productores de Óxido de etileno, Beta cuenta con una localización que facilita una excelente logística. Alejada de zonas pobladas, el transporte de OE no pone en riesgo a la población. De forma permanente es abastecida de diversas materias primas por ducto desde PEMEX. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • Main Site | Grupo Petroquímico Beta

    PRODUCTS & MARKETS ABOUT US PHILOSOPHY CONTACT ESPAÑOL LIVING CHEMISTRY WE TRANSFORM CHEMISTRY INTO OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR CLIENTS, IN HARMONY WITH THE COMMUNITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OUR PRODUCTS. SEE PRODUCT LINE CATALOGUE SOLVENTS More information about this product. Pentanes Isopentanes n-Hexane and Iso-hexanes mixtures Learn more about our contract manufacturing capabilities here. MARKETS. VIEW COMPLETE LIST CEMENT Grinding aids Air-entraining agents Air-detraining admixtures Quality improvement (strength-enhancing admixtures) Air inclusors Defoamers/antifoaming agents Setting additives ABOUT US. Grupo Petroquímico Beta (GPB) is a Mexican Company chartered in 2005 for the refining of light hydrocarbons (solvents) and the manufacture of alkoxylates and their specialties GPB, via its in-house know-how, has ample proficiency in the design, construction and operation of alkoxylation plants, including the programming of the production software which makes it unique in the industry. The location of the plant, in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, between both of PEMEX’S petrochemical sites enhances security since it allows the solvents to be transported via pipeline and the ethylene oxide via railroad (1.5 miles). ​ GPB is unique at its own Research, Development, and Innovation laboratory to assist clients in their efforts to create and develop their products to introduce them into the market. Also, GPB has the technical infrastructure that is required for Contract Manufacturing of highly specialized ethylene/propylene oxide derivatives while guaranteeing the fulfillment of all the technical specifications and quality standards required by clients. ​ Production capability and high safety standards are of paramount importance as attested by the Good Manufacturing Practices constatation of all fabrication processes together with high safety standards internationally recognized. GPB has received various grants and awards from Governmental Institutions and clients for its excellence in innovation, safety and logistic service to clients. CERTIFICATIONS OUR PLANT CIDIT find our more about our corporate philosophy CONTACT US. ADDRESS Periférico Sur #4194 Colonia Jardines del Pedregal Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón Mexico City, C.P. 01900 Mexico PHONE +52 [55] 5652.7675 Specific contact: Job & talent recruitment Goods and service suppliers Interested in buying alkoxylates and esters Interested in buying pentanes and hexanes © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • Certificaciones | Grupo Petroquímico Beta

    OUR PLANT SITIO PRINCIPAL CERTIFICACIONES Bajo nuestro Sistema de Gestión de Calidad contamos con las siguientes certificaciones y grados de productos: ISO 9001 : 2015 GMPs (Grado Cosmético) Kosher REACH Grado NF GMPs Grado Farma en implementación ​ *Para más información sobre nuestras certificaciones & reconocimientos, favor de contactárnos . © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • Contract Manufacturing | Grupo Petroquímico Beta

    MAIN SITE CONTRACT MANUFACTURING Grupo Petroquimico Beta (“GPB”) has the infrastructure that is required for Contract Manufacturing of products to the exact specifications of clients. Products produced under contract manufacturing arrangement are mainly, but not exclusively, derivatives of ethylene/propylene oxide. GPB has substantial experience in Contract Manufacturing of diverse products, in the area of ethylene/propylene oxide derivatives, for large Multinational Corporations with excellent results for both parties. In order to ensure that the products produced under a Contract Manufacturing structure comply with the client’s technology as well as all of its quality standards, Beta has a fully staffed unit for Research, Development and Technological Innovation (“CIDIT”) . Verification of the technology of every client and validation of the fulfillment of all their requirements begins by producing pilot size samples. The major advantages of the Contract Manufacturing with Beta are the following: All Contract Manufacturing processes are made under strict NDA agreements to protect legal, technological and market aspects of the products being produced. Technological validation and implementation of products prior to industrial size escalation. Direct access to GPB’s process certification (ISO9001-2015, GMP’s , among others). Production startup immediately after client approval of laboratory samples. Supply of raw materials as specified by the contract (Beta can supply the ethylene oxide, among others). Economies of scale are passes through to the client. Provides economies for cyclical products. Optimizes costs and the handling of inventories. Provides on a continuous basis the availability of highly trained personnel. Does not require investment in highly specialized equipment. . Fully conversant in dealing with multinational corporations © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

  • Corporate philosophy | Grupo Petroquímico Beta

    MAIN SITE CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY MISSION: BE A PROMOTER OF CHANGE AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT IN: The chemical specialty industry: for our ability to innovate in products and processes. Our outstanding logistics turn into a superior service with a global reach. The development of human talent and professional growth of our employees. Social responsibility: for our commitment to the development of the quality of life and environment of the communities in which we operate. We focus on researching technologies that harness petroleum derivatives to develop and produce chemical specialties that maximize value for our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the community. VISIÓN: WE ARE COMMITTED TO INNOVATION PRINCIPLES Client orientation Leadership. Staff participation. Process based approach. System approach to management. Continuous improvement. Factual approach to decision making. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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