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    PRODUCTS & MARKETS ABOUT US PHILOSOPHY CONTACT ESPAÑOL LIVING CHEMISTRY WE TRANSFORM CHEMISTRY INTO OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR CLIENTS, IN HARMONY WITH THE COMMUNITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OUR PRODUCTS. SEE PRODUCT LINE CATALOGUE SOLVENTS More information about this product. Pentanes Isopentanes n-Hexane and Iso-hexanes mixtures Learn more about our contract manufacturing capabilities here. MARKETS. VIEW COMPLETE LIST CEMENT Grinding aids Air-entraining agents Air-detraining admixtures Quality improvement (strength-enhancing admixtures) Air inclusors Defoamers/antifoaming agents Setting additives ABOUT US. Grupo Petroquímico Beta (GPB) is a Mexican Company chartered in 2005 for the refining of light hydrocarbons (solvents) and the manufacture of alkoxylates and their specialties GPB, via its in-house know-how, has ample proficiency in the design, construction and operation of alkoxylation plants, including the programming of the production software which makes it unique in the industry. The location of the plant, in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, between both of PEMEX’S petrochemical sites enhances security since it allows the solvents to be transported via pipeline and the ethylene oxide via railroad (1.5 miles). ​ GPB is unique at its own Research, Development, and Innovation laboratory to assist clients in their efforts to create and develop their products to introduce them into the market. Also, GPB has the technical infrastructure that is required for Contract Manufacturing of highly specialized ethylene/propylene oxide derivatives while guaranteeing the fulfillment of all the technical specifications and quality standards required by clients. ​ Production capability and high safety standards are of paramount importance as attested by the Good Manufacturing Practices constatation of all fabrication processes together with high safety standards internationally recognized. GPB has received various grants and awards from Governmental Institutions and clients for its excellence in innovation, safety and logistic service to clients. CERTIFICATIONS OUR PLANT CIDIT find our more about our corporate philosophy CONTACT US. ADDRESS Periférico Sur #4194 Colonia Jardines del Pedregal Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón Mexico City, C.P. 01900 Mexico PHONE +52 [55] 5652.7675 Specific contact: Job & talent recruitment Goods and service suppliers Interested in buying alkoxylates and esters Interested in buying pentanes and hexanes © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    PRODUCTOS & MERCADOS NOSOTROS FILOSOFÍA CONTACTO ENGLISH VIVIENDO LA QUÍMICA TRANSFORMAMOS LA QUÍMICA EN OPORTUNIDADES PARA NUESTROS CLIENTES, EN ARMONÍA CON LA COMUNIDAD Y EL MEDIO AMBIENTE. VENTAJAS COMPETITIVAS NUESTROS PRODUCTOS VER CATALOGO DE PRODUCTOS SOLVENTES Más información sobre este producto. Pentanos Isopentanos Mezclas de n-hexano e isohexano Te invitamos a conocer sobre nuestras capacidades de maquila de productos aquí. MERCADOS VER LISTA COMPLETA CEMENTO Ayudante de molienda Inclusor de aire Desinclusores de aire Mejoradores de Calidad (incrementadores de resistencia) NOSOTROS Grupo Petroquímico Beta (GPB) es una empresa mexicana creada en el 2005 para la refinación y venta de hidrocarburos ligeros (solventes) y la fabricación de alcoxilados y sus especialidades. ​ La amplia experiencia del personal de GPB en el diseño, construcción y operación de plantas de productos alcoxilados nos permite ser únicos en esta industria. La localización de la planta en Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, en medio de los dos complejos petroquímicos de Cangrejera y Morelos de PEMEX coadyuva a la seguridad en el movimiento de las materias primas a la planta, ya que permite transportar los solventes por tubería y el óxido de etileno por ferrocarril (2.2 kilómetros). GPB se distingue en la industria de la alcoxilación por contar con su propio laboratorio de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación para colaborar con sus clientes en crear y desarrollar sus productos para su introducción al mercado. Así mismo GPB cuenta con la infraestructura necesaria para llevar a cabo, vía maquila, la manufactura de derivados de óxido de etileno y propileno. La producción de materiales se hace en estricto apego a la tecnología y estándares de calidad de cada uno de sus clientes. ​ Alta eficiencia productiva e insuperables estándares de seguridad son objetivos prioritarios demostrados en la constatación de Buenas Prácticas de Fabricación en todos los procesos productivos, así como el reconocimiento internacional de nuestros altos estándares de seguridad. GPB ha recibido diversos reconocimientos de organismos públicos y clientes por su excelencia en innovación, la seguridad de sus procesos y servicios de logística. ​ Te invitamos a conocer más sobre nuestra planta y el Centro de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica (CIDIT). CERTIFICACIONES NUESTRA PLANTA CIDIT conoce nuestra filosofía corporativa CONTACTO DIRECCIÓN Periférico Sur #4194 Colonia Jardines del Pedregal Alcaldía Álvaro Obregón Ciudad de México, C.P. 01900 Mexico TELÉFONO +52 [55] 5652.7675 Contacto específico a: Empleo Proveedores de bienes y servicios Interesados en etoxilados en general, polietilenglicoles, alcoholes láuricos etoxilados y ésteres. Interesados en comprar pentanos y hexanos © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    MAIN SITE COMPLETE PRODUCT LIST To see our full product line catalugue, please click here. For more information about our products, please . contact us SOLVENTS The products of the BETASOL® SOLVENTS line are aliphatic hydrocarbons obtained by distillation. Grupo Petroquímico Beta has produces hexanes, n-pentane, isopentane and different mixtures of these compounds, with excellent performance as industrial solvents. These materials are used in several processes such as chemical synthesis, including production of intermediates and polymerization reactions, blowing agents, extraction solvents, carrier agents and propellants. Some of the main industries were these products can be used are polystyrene blowing agents, shoes, wool, energy, paints, lithography and plastics, among others. Pentanes Isopentanes n-Hexane and Iso-hexanes mixtures POLYETHYLENE GLYCOLS (PEG) The BETAPEG® product line corresponds to polyethylene glycols o PEGs, that are linear homopolymers, which results from the polymerization of Ethylene Oxide, with a starting point from mono or diethylene glycol. The linear structure of PEGs contains OH groups on both chain ends, that provide specific properties such as excellent solubility, humectation and lubricity, acts as a controlled viscosity vehicle or excipient, with the additional benefit of being a nonvolatile material with excellent thermal stability. There are a wide range of molecular weights from 200 to 8,000 and the special grade CL (crosslinked products) up to 20,000; depending on the molecular weight, the product is liquid or solid and can be used in several applications for industries such as agriculture, construction, rubber, textile, metalworking, paints, coatings and adhesives as well as being widely used in cosmetics, personal and home care. BETAPEG Products Line PEG 200, PEG 400, PEG 600, PEG 800, PEG 1000, PEG 3350, PEG 4000, PEG 8000, PEG 10,000, PEG 14,000 y PEG 20,000 Industrial, Kosher and NF (National Formulary) grades ALKANOLAMINES Betasol® TEOx is a slightly viscous blend of alkanolamines, used in the fabrication of agrochemicals, detergents, soaps and textile lubricants; the cosmetic grade Betasol® TEOx CM can be used in cosmetic formulations and personal care. It is characterized by being an excellent option as neutralizing or alkalizing agent for such applications. Betasol TEOX (Triethanolamine) Betasol TEOX CM (Cosmetic Grade Triethanolamine)Betasol Teox (triethanolamine, 85% active) Betasol Teox CM (triethanolamine, personal care grade) ALKYLPHENOL ETHOXYLATES The BETASOL® NF product line corresponds to the family of ethoxylated nonylphenols, which are non-ionic surfactants that have properties of detergency, emulsifiers, humectants, solubilizers and dispersants. The applications of this product family are extensive: it is used in formulations for insecticides, fungicides and pesticides; and as a result of its excellent cleaning power it is used in formulations of industrial detergents. Finally, its wetting properties are useful for paints and in the oil industry it performs as an emulsion stabilizer in addition to several other industrial applications. At GPB we have ethoxylated nonylphenols within the range of 6 to 100 ethylene oxide moles. Nonylphenol and Octylphenol Ethoxylates (several grades) ETHOXYLATED FATTY ALCOHOLS The Betasol® LE product line consists of ethoxylated fatty alcohols and offers different solutions for the industry through the following range of products: Betasol® LE ethoxylated lauric alcohols, biodegradable products belong to the new generations of detergents and are mainly used as intermediates for sulfonated products. Betasol® SC ethoxylated cetostearyl alcohol with moisturizing properties and excellent sense of touch, used primarily in the personal care industry. Betasol® X ethoxylated tridecyl alcohol, widely used for textile and industrial cleaners. Cetostearyl Tridecyl Lauric Others ETHOXYLATED FATTY AMINES The Betasol® TA product line is generated by the reaction of tallow amines and ethylene oxide to produce tertiary fat amines. These products have emulsifying, moisturizing, antistatic and corrosion inhibition properties for different industries including the agrochemical, textile and metalworking sector. ​ Tallow Amines Cocoamines Ethoxylated Diamines (several grades) ESTERS The esters have emulsifying properties that allow good incorporation of oily and aqueous phases. They also have emollient properties that give good skin feel for cosmetic and textile applications. They are materials that do not cause skin irritation or sensitivity and are biodegradable products which make them ideal for use in the cosmetic, personal and home care applications. GPB’s ester product lines include Betacare SA, polyethylene glycol stearates, as well as polysorbates: Betacare ML, ethoxylated sorbitan monolaurate; Betacare SMS, ethoxylated sorbitan monoestearate and Betacare SMO, ethoxylated sorbitan monooleate. Glyceryl Esters Sorbitan Esters and Polysorbates PEG Esters SPECIALITIES EO/PO block and heteric copolymers ​ BETAPAG D product line offers non-ionic surfactant solutions of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide block copolymers offer the possibility of different sequences and lengths plus providing an interesting versatility to the products that confer excellent degreasing or detergency properties, high wetting and controlled foam formation, in addition to offering low volatility and stable performance over a wide range of temperatures. Among the main industrial destination of this product line are metalworking, chemistry, detergents, tanning, agrochemicals, textiles, latex, paints, among others. ​ Synthetic lubricants Betapag DEP 2500 is a random ethylene and propylene oxide copolymer with two hydroxyl group terminals. This lubricant has a small viscosity variation despite important changes in temperature as compared to similar animal and vegetable oils or petroleum derivatives. This material has a high viscosity index, is very stable, has low fluidity point and high boiling points, which gives it the versatility needed to be used in different high-pressure mechanical systems. ​ Cement Additives Beta has developed a group of specific additives for the cement industry that provide solutions focused on both reduction of operating costs, as well as improvement of the product properties of the end users. ​ BETASOL® AMC is a liquid additive specifically designed to optimize the clinker grinding process in cement production. BETAMIX IA corresponds to the line of additives including air entraining agents for masonry mortars, which bring great benefits in fresh mortar and hardened mortar. It is characterized by allowing the incorporation of disconnected and uniformly distributed air microbubbles inside the mortar. BETAMIX IR are liquid additives specially formulated to increase early or late age cement strength in addition to a decrease the water-cement ratio. BETAMIX DA, is a family of liquid additives designed to reduce the unwanted air content in mortar that is introduced by interactions between sand and cement. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    SITIO PRINCIPAL LISTA COMPLETA DE PRODUCTOS Para ver nuestro catalogo de línea de productos, puedes entrar . aquí Para más información sobre nuestros productos, puedes contactarnos aquí. SOLVENTES Los productos de la línea BETASOL® SOLVENTES son hidrocarburos alifáticos, obtenidos mediante destilación. Grupo Petroquímico Beta tiene a su disposición hexanos, n-pentano, isopentano y diversas mezclas de los hidrocarburos antes mencionados, estos materiales funcionan como excelentes disolventes industriales, se emplean en numerosos procesos de síntesis, incluyendo la fabricación de productos intermedios, agentes portadores y propelentes, en reacciones de polimerización, agentes expansores y como disolventes de extracción. Entre las industrias que utilizan estos productos se encuentran la del calzado, madera, energía, pintura, litográfica y plásticos, entre otras. Pentanos Isopentanos Mezclas de n-hexano e isohexano POLIETILENGLICOL (PEG) La línea BETAPEG® correspondiente a polietilenglicoles o PEGs que son homo polímeros lineales de óxido de etileno, son el resultado de la polimerización de óxido de etileno a partir del mono o dietilenglicol. La estructura lineal de los PEGs, conteniendo un grupo OH en ambas extremidades de la cadena, provee aplicaciones muy particulares entre las cuales destacan una excelente solubilidad, humectación, lubricación, mientras brindan cuerpo a aplicaciones por la viscosidad que confieren y tienen el beneficio de ser materiales no volátiles y de excelente estabilidad térmica. Se cuenta con una gama de pesos moleculares desde 200 hasta 8 000 y especialidades de 14,000 y 20 000 CL (crosslinked), dependiendo del peso molecular, la presentación es líquida o sólida, y pueden brindar aplicaciones para industrias como: agricultura, construcción, industrias del hule, metalmecánica, pinturas y recubrimientos, adhesivos, son ampliamente usados en cosméticos y cuidado personal y del hogar, textiles. Industrial, Kosher y Grado NF Línea Betapeg PEG 200, PEG 400, PEG 600, PEG 800, PEG 1000, PEG 3350, PEG 4000, PEG 8000, PEG 10,000, PEG 14,000 y PEG 20,000 ALCANOLAMINAS Betasol® TEOx es una mezcla de alcanolaminas ligeramente viscosa, utilizada en la fabricación de agroquímicos, detergentes, jabones, lubricantes textiles, en su grado cosmético Betasol® TEOx CM puede utilizarse en formulaciones de cosméticos y cuidado personal. Se caracteriza por ser una excelente opción como agente neutralizante o alcalinizante en las aplicaciones mencionadas. Betasol TEOX (Trietanolamina) Betasol TEOX CM (Trietanolamina grado cosmético) ALQUILFENOL ETOXILADO La línea BETASOL® NF corresponde a la familia de nonilfenoles etoxilados, estos compuestos tensoactivos, no iónicos, tienen propiedades de detergencia, emulsificantes, humectantes, solubilizantes y dispersantes. Las aplicaciones de esta familia de productos son amplias; se emplea en formulaciones de plaguicidas, fungicidas y pesticidas, por su excelente poder de limpieza se usa en formulaciones de detergentes industriales , en pinturas se aprovecha su poder humectante, para petróleo funciona como estabilizador de emulsiones, entre otras industrias. En GPB contamos con la gama de numero de moles de óxido de etileno desde 6 hasta 100 para el nonilfenol etoxilado. Nonilfenol & Octilfenol etoxilado en diversos grados. ALCOHOLES ETOXILADOS La línea Betasol® enfocada a alcoholes grasos etoxilados ofrece diferentes soluciones para la industria mediante la siguiente gama de productos: Betasol® LE alcoholes láuricos etoxilados, productos biodegradables pertenecientes a nuevas generaciones de detergentes y también son utilizados como intermediarios para productos sulfonados principalmente. Betasol® SC alcoholes ceto estearilicos etoxilados con propiedades humectantes y excelente sensación al tacto principalmente utilizados en la industria del cuidado personal. Betasol® X alcohol tridecilico etoxilado, usados ampliamente en la industria textil y de limpiadores industriales. Cetoestearílico Trídecílico Laúrico Otros AMINAS GRASAS ETOXILADAS A partir de amina grasa de sebo reaccionadas con óxido de etileno, se producen aminas grasas terciarias dando lugar a la línea de productos Betasol® TA, estos productos tienen propiedades emulsificantes, humectantes, antiestáticas e inhibidoras de corrosión para diferentes industrias entre las cuales destaca el sector agroquímico, textil y metalmecánica ​ Amina de sebo Amina de coco Diaminas etoxiladas de diversos grados ÉSTERES Los esteres permiten una buena incorporación de fases oleosas y acuosas ya que tienen propiedades emulsificantes. También tienen propiedades emolientes que otorgan buena sensación en la piel para las aplicaciones cosméticas y textiles. Son materiales que no causan irritación o sensibilidad en la piel y son productos biodegradables lo cual los hace ideales para su utilización en el sector cosmético, de cuidado personal y del hogar. Entre las líneas de productos de GPB contamos con Betacare SA, estearatos de polietilenglicol; y los polisorbatos: Betacare SML, monolaurato de sorbitán etoxilado; Betacare SMS, monoestearato de sorbitán etoxilado y Betacare SMO, monooleato de sorbitán etoxilado. ​ ​ Ésteres de glicerilo Ésteres de sorbitan y polisorbatos Ésteres de PEG. FORMULACIONES ESPECIALES Copolímeros de OE/OP, en bloques y mezcla hetérica ​ La línea BETAPAG D ofrece soluciones de surfactantes no iónicos en bloques de óxido de propileno y óxido de etileno, la posibilidad de diferentes longitudes de los bloques mencionados provee una interesante versatilidad a los productos que confiere excelentes propiedades de desengrase o detergencia, alta humectación y formación de espuma controlada, además de ofrecer baja volatilidad y amplios rangos de temperatura para su utilización. Entre las principales industrias destino de esta línea de productos se encuentran la metalmecánica, la química, la de detergentes, curtiduría, agroquímicos, textiles, látex, pinturas, entre otras.​ ​ Lubricantes sintéticos El Betapag DEP 2500 es un copolímero de óxido de etileno y óxido de propileno random (mezcla hetérica) con dos terminales de grupo hidroxilo. Este lubricante registra poca variación en su viscosidad a pesar de cambios en la temperatura en comparación con productos similares de origen animal, y derivados de aceites vegetales o derivados del petróleo. Este material tiene un alto índice de viscosidad, es muy estable, tiene bajo punto de fluidez y altos puntos de ebullición, lo que le da la versatilidad necesaria para ser utilizado en diferentes sistemas. ​ Aditivos de Cemento En Grupo Petroquímico Beta contamos con un grupo de aditivos específicos diseñados para la industria de cemento que proveen soluciones enfocadas tanto a reducción de costos de operación, como a la mejora de propiedades de los productos finales del cliente. ​ BETAMIX IA corresponde a la línea de aditivos inclusores de aire para morteros de albañilería, los cuales aportan grandes beneficios en el mortero fresco y mortero endurecido. Se caracteriza por permitir la incorporación de microburbujas de aire distribuidas uniformemente sin interconectars dentro del mortero. BETAMIX IR son aditivos líquidos especialmente formulados para desarrollar altas resistencias a edades tempranas o finales y disminuir la relación agua-cemento. BETAMIX DA, es una familia de aditivos líquidos diseñados para desincluir el contenido de aire no deseado en mortero que es introducido por las interacciones de la arena con el cemento. BETASOL® AMC es un aditivo líquido diseñado específicamente para optimizar el proceso de molturación del clinker en la producción de cemento. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    SITIO PRINCIPAL CONTACTO RECURSOS HUMANOS Si te interesa que conozcamos tu perfil para posibles vacantes, llena el siguiente formulario: © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    OUR PLANT MAIN SITE CENTER FOR RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION (CIDIT) The CIDIT is a fundamental piece of service to our clients since one of Beta's greatest strengths is the development of its own technology. At CIDIT we develop products tailored to the needs of our clients based on the following concepts: Technology development for new products. New product scale up to industrial level. Development of formulations for specific applications. Technical support to our clients. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    MAIN SITE CONTRACT MANUFACTURING Grupo Petroquimico Beta (“GPB”) has the infrastructure that is required for Contract Manufacturing of products to the exact specifications of clients. Products produced under contract manufacturing arrangement are mainly, but not exclusively, derivatives of ethylene/propylene oxide. GPB has substantial experience in Contract Manufacturing of diverse products, in the area of ethylene/propylene oxide derivatives, for large Multinational Corporations with excellent results for both parties. In order to ensure that the products produced under a Contract Manufacturing structure comply with the client’s technology as well as all of its quality standards, Beta has a fully staffed unit for . Research, Development and Technological Innovation (“CIDIT”) Verification of the technology of every client and validation of the fulfillment of all their requirements begins by producing pilot size samples. The major advantages of the Contract Manufacturing with Beta are the following: All Contract Manufacturing processes are made under strict NDA agreements to protect legal, technological and market aspects of the products being produced. Technological validation and implementation of products prior to industrial size escalation. Direct access to GPB’s process certification (ISO9001-2015, GMP’s , among others). Production startup immediately after client approval of laboratory samples. Supply of raw materials as specified by the contract (Beta can supply the ethylene oxide, among others). Economies of scale are passes through to the client. Provides economies for cyclical products. Optimizes costs and the handling of inventories. Provides on a continuous basis the availability of highly trained personnel. . Does not require investment in highly specialized equipment. Fully conversant in dealing with multinational corporations © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    MAIN SITE PRODUCT LINE CATALOGUE Here you can see our complete product line catalogue, which is also available to download. For more information about our products, please contact us . © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    OUR PLANT MAIN SITE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The reasons why Grupo Petroquímico Beta can be your best ally. QUALITY Our products are consistently the highest quality in the market. CERTIFICATIONS AND RECOGNITIONS Our certifications and recognitions represent the high quality and standards of the products and services we offer. More about our certifications and recognitions. PRICE Highly competitive prices for all our product lines. RESEARCH LABORATORY In our Research, Development and Technological Innovation Center we have the ability to develop our own technology of products and processes, ensuring the application of the highest quality. APPLICATION LABORATORY It allows us to interact with our clients, both to develop products related to their production processes and to simulate the impact of our products on clients' products. ​ We develop products tailored to the client, according to the functions and / or applications they require. CUSTOMER SERVICE We fully comply with the delivery dates, deadlines and conditions set with our clients. LOGISTICS We consistently obtain the best transport conditions for our clients. REACH CERTIFICATION With the authorization to export to Europe, plus our exports to the rest of the world, we have the status of "Global Supplier". TEAM EXPERIENCE Our management, operations, laboratory and plant team have more than 30 years of experience in the field. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta

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    MAIN SITE MAIN SITE OUR PLANT Located among the PEMEX sites producing ethylene oxide, Beta has a location that facilitates excellent logistics. Away from populated areas, the ethylene oxide transport does not put the population at risk. Supply of several raw materials by pipeline from PEMEX sites. © 2020 Grupo Petroquímico Beta