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Grupo Petroquimico Beta (“GPB”) has the infrastructure that is required for Contract Manufacturing of products to the exact specifications of clients.


Products produced under contract manufacturing arrangement are mainly, but not exclusively, derivatives of ethylene/propylene oxide.

GPB has substantial experience in Contract Manufacturing of diverse products, in the area of ethylene/propylene oxide derivatives, for large Multinational Corporations with excellent results for both parties.

In order to ensure that the products produced under a Contract Manufacturing structure comply with the client’s technology as well as all of its quality standards, Beta has a fully staffed unit for Research, Development and Technological Innovation (“CIDIT”).

Verification of the technology of every client and validation of the fulfillment of all their requirements begins by producing pilot size samples.

The major advantages of the Contract Manufacturing with Beta are the following:


  • All Contract Manufacturing processes are made under strict NDA agreements to
    protect legal, technological and market aspects of the products being produced.

  • Technological validation and implementation of products prior to industrial size escalation.

  • Direct access to GPB’s process certification (ISO9001-2015, GMP’s , among others).

  • Production startup immediately after client approval of laboratory samples.

  • Supply of raw materials as specified by the contract (Beta can supply the ethylene oxide, among others).

  • Economies of scale are passes through to the client.

  • Provides economies for cyclical products.

  • Optimizes costs and the handling of inventories.

  • Provides on a continuous basis the availability of highly trained personnel.

  • Does not require investment in highly specialized equipment..

  • Fully conversant in dealing with multinational corporations

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