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The products of the BETASOL® SOLVENTS line are aliphatic hydrocarbons obtained by distillation.

Grupo Petroquímico Beta has produces hexanes, n-pentane, isopentane and different mixtures of these compounds, with excellent performance as industrial solvents. These materials are used in several processes such as chemical synthesis, including production of intermediates and polymerization reactions, blowing agents, extraction solvents, carrier agents and propellants.

Some of the main industries were these products can be used are polystyrene blowing agents, shoes, wool, energy, paints, lithography and plastics, among others.

  • Pentanes
  • Isopentanes
  • n-Hexane and Iso-hexanes mixtures


The BETAPEG® product line corresponds to polyethylene glycols o PEGs, that are linear
homopolymers, which results from the polymerization of Ethylene Oxide, with a starting point
from mono or diethylene glycol. The linear structure of PEGs contains OH groups on both chain
ends, that provide specific properties such as excellent solubility, humectation and lubricity, acts
as a controlled viscosity vehicle or excipient, with the additional benefit of being a nonvolatile
material with excellent thermal stability. There are a wide range of molecular weights from 200 to
8,000 and the special grade CL (crosslinked products) up to 20,000; depending on the molecular
weight, the product is liquid or solid and can be used in several applications for industries such as agriculture, construction, rubber, textile, metalworking, paints, coatings and adhesives as well as being widely used in cosmetics, personal and home care.

  • BETAPEG Products Line
    PEG 200, PEG 400, PEG 600, PEG 800, PEG 1000, PEG 3350, PEG 4000, PEG
    8000, PEG 10,000, PEG 14,000 y PEG 20,000Industrial, Kosher and NF (National Formulary) grades


Betasol® TEOx is a slightly viscous blend of alkanolamines, used in the fabrication of
agrochemicals, detergents, soaps and textile lubricants; the cosmetic grade Betasol® TEOx CM can
be used in cosmetic formulations and personal care. It is characterized by being an excellent
option as neutralizing or alkalizing agent for such applications.

  • Betasol TEOX (Triethanolamine)

  • Betasol TEOX CM (Cosmetic Grade Triethanolamine)Betasol Teox (triethanolamine, 85% active)

  • Betasol Teox CM (triethanolamine, personal care grade)


The BETASOL® NF product line corresponds to the family of ethoxylated nonylphenols, which are
non-ionic surfactants that have properties of detergency, emulsifiers, humectants, solubilizers and
dispersants. The applications of this product family are extensive: it is used in formulations for
insecticides, fungicides and pesticides; and as a result of its excellent cleaning power it is used in
formulations of industrial detergents. Finally, its wetting properties are useful for paints and in the
oil industry it performs as an emulsion stabilizer in addition to several other industrial applications.
At GPB we have ethoxylated nonylphenols within the range of 6 to 100 ethylene oxide moles.

  • Nonylphenol and Octylphenol Ethoxylates (several grades)


The Betasol® LE product line consists of ethoxylated fatty alcohols and offers different solutions
for the industry through the following range of products: 
Betasol® LE ethoxylated lauric alcohols, biodegradable products belong to the new generations of
detergents and are mainly used as intermediates for sulfonated products. 
Betasol® SC ethoxylated cetostearyl alcohol with moisturizing properties and excellent sense of
touch, used primarily in the personal care industry. 
Betasol® X ethoxylated tridecyl alcohol, widely used for textile and industrial cleaners.

  • Cetostearyl

  • Tridecyl

  • Lauric

  • Others


The Betasol® TA product line is generated by the reaction of tallow amines and ethylene
oxide to produce tertiary fat amines. These products have emulsifying, moisturizing,
antistatic and corrosion inhibition properties for different industries including the
agrochemical, textile and metalworking sector.

  • Tallow Amines

  • Cocoamines

  • Ethoxylated Diamines (several grades)


The esters have emulsifying properties that allow good incorporation of oily and aqueous phases.
They also have emollient properties that give good skin feel for cosmetic and textile applications.

They are materials that do not cause skin irritation or sensitivity and are biodegradable products
which make them ideal for use in the cosmetic, personal and home care applications. GPB’s ester
product lines include Betacare SA, polyethylene glycol stearates, as well as polysorbates:
Betacare ML, ethoxylated sorbitan monolaurate; Betacare SMS, ethoxylated sorbitan monoestearate and Betacare SMO, ethoxylated sorbitan monooleate.

  • Glyceryl Esters

  • Sorbitan Esters and Polysorbates

  • PEG Esters



EO/PO block and heteric copolymers 

  • BETAPAG D product line offers non-ionic surfactant solutions of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide block copolymers offer the possibility of different sequences and lengths plus providing an interesting versatility to the products that confer excellent degreasing or detergency properties, high wetting and controlled foam formation, in addition to offering low volatility and stable performance over a wide range of temperatures. Among the main industrial destination of this product line are metalworking, chemistry, detergents, tanning, agrochemicals, textiles, latex, paints, among others.

Synthetic lubricants


  • Betapag DEP 2500 is a random ethylene and propylene oxide copolymer with two hydroxyl group 
    terminals. This lubricant has a small viscosity variation despite important changes in temperature as compared to similar animal and vegetable oils or petroleum derivatives. This material has a high viscosity index, is very stable, has low fluidity point and high boiling points, which gives it the versatility needed to be used in different high-pressure mechanical systems.

Cement Additives


  • Beta has developed a group of specific additives for the cement industry that provide solutions 
    focused on both reduction of operating costs, as well as improvement of the product properties of the end users.

    • BETASOL® AMC is a liquid additive specifically designed to optimize the clinker grinding process in cement production.

    • BETAMIX IA corresponds to the line of additives including air entraining agents for masonry 
      mortars, which bring great benefits in fresh mortar and hardened mortar. It is characterized by allowing the incorporation of disconnected and uniformly distributed air microbubbles inside the mortar.

    • BETAMIX IR are liquid additives specially formulated to increase early or late age cement strength in addition to a decrease the water-cement ratio.

    • BETAMIX DA, is a family of liquid additives designed to reduce the unwanted air content in mortar that is introduced by interactions between sand and cement.

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