Ethylene Oxide Derivatives

We offer a wide variety of Ethylene Oxide derivative products with various features such as: detergency, neutralization, wettability, dispersion, and emulsification. These products are widely used in the industry.

> Betasol TEOx®
> Betasol TEOx® CM

Polyethylene glycols:

> NF Grade
> Kosher Grade
> Industrial Grade


> Low-molecular weight
> High-molecular weight


Ethylene Oxide Derivatives / Propylene Oxide

GPB develops this new line of products classified as Block Copolymers and Random Copolymers. This new product line offers detergency, antifoaming and lubricating properties in systems at high temperatures.

> Betapag DEP 2500
> Betapag D
> Betapag HFT


Cellulose Ethers

A variety of cellulose-derived products provides features of rheological modification, water retention and flow control for water-based systems.

> Betacel® M
> Betacel® H


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Products for the Cement Industry

Additives that help to improve cement quality and production, obtaining a product with greater resistance and/or a more efficient grinding process.

> Betasol AMC (performance enhancing additive) 
> Betasol IR (quality improving additive)

Hydrocarbons, natural gasoline distillates

> Hexane 
> Isohexane
> n-pentane
> Isopentane
> Mixtures of the Above


In addition to our product line, we offer outsourcing service for products derived from ethylene oxide and/or propylene oxide