Our priority is to satisfy our client's needs and requirements through continuous improvement in operations and production processes.

Since 2006, we have the ISO 9001-2000 Certification and we received ISO 9001-2008 certification in 2009.

Our polyethylene production process is under the Kosher Certification.

"At GPB we are committed to the quality of our products and the high level of service that we offer to our clients. Therefore, we are committed to protect the security of our staff, consumers, and surroundings, by protecting and respecting the integrity of the environment in which we operate."

Quality Policy

Being a leading petrochemical company committed to quality, safety and environment, by meeting our client's needs and requirements, with a focus on the continuous improvement processes.


The operational security and the health of our workers are an essential part of our culture. Therefore, we are committed to continuous improvement of our processes and permanently update our security systems, ensuring we exceed the requirements required by of the standards and regulations in force in our country.

At Beta we have the most advanced technology to control our production processes, ensuring that we operate with high security standards and we have the ability to respond in a timely manner to a possible emergency.



The strategic location of our plant in the Industrial Park of Coatzacoalcos, in extensive aquifers and natural reserves, allows us to operate safely for the urban population, while we develop a eco-friendly sustainable model.